As part of the 2019 summit, IOHK will be running an all-day collaborative hackathon on April 18, hosted by IOHK's top engineers. The hackathon will have two streams: Plutus, for developers who are interested in working with IOHK's new smart contract platform; and Marlowe, for financiers who want to learn more about how to create smart contracts on the blockchain.

Cash prizes

Plutus is a general-purpose, Haskell-based smart contract platform, designed for simplicity and longevity. It can be used to write both on- and off-chain applications, improving data transfer, code re-use, and developer experience, as well as minimizing the need for hard forks in the future — and since its based on a functional programming language, the Plutus platform ensures secure, high assurance code by its very nature.

Marlowe is a user-focused domain-specific language designed to enable non-technical financiers to easily write on-chain smart contracts. The Marlowe research team have been working with business analysts to design smart contract templates, opening up the use of Cardano smart contracts directly to non-programmers in banks and other businesses, who will be able to automate financial transactions using cryptocurrency technology to save time and reduce costs.


The hackathon will begin with a recap of PlutusFest, the conference at which both Plutus and Marlowe were initially announced in December 2018, before the hackathon challenges are published for teams to begin working on.

The hackathon is free to enter and is open to everyone: developers, financiers, and anyone with an interest in learning more about IOHK’s industry-leading smart contract technology.

There will be a number of prize categories, from the most original idea to the best team player, as well as a grand prize and a bug bounty for attendees to aim for – all with cash prizes.

Hackathon attendees will be able to attend the hackathon portion of the summit for free. Participants will need to bring their own laptop, and be available all day on April 18. There are only 80 hackathon places available – reserve yours now by registering online.


Registration at convention center

Hackathon attendees should arrive at the convention center at 08.00 to register, receive their passes, have a coffee, and meet other attendees


PlutusFest update

Hackathon attendees will be able to attend part of the main summit agenda, the PlutusFest update, which will give them a grounding in Plutus, Marlowe, and smart contracts


Challenges published

Attendees will work in teams to tackle the published challenges and come up with the best solutions using either Plutus or Marlowe




Challenge responses due and judging begins


Prize announcements

There will be a number of prize categories – all with cash prizes.

$50 - tutorial prize
Per person, for successfully completing a tutorial

$200 - best implementation of a financial contract
Per person or team

$200 - best use of non-fungible tokens
Per person or team

$200 - best use of multi-currency
Per person or team

$200 - best Plutus implementation
Per person or team

$200 - best Marlowe implementation
Per person or team

$200 - best Actus contract implementation
Per person or team

$200 - best beginner
Per person

$200 - best game
Per person or team

$200 - most original idea
Per person or team

$200 - best Ethereum contract port
Per person or team

$200 - best teamwork
Per person or team

$200 - best social contract
Per person or team

$200 - best multi-party contract
Per person or team

$200 - judges’ award x 3
Per person or team

$300 and promotion via IOHK channels - grand prize
Per person or team

$50 - bug bounty
Per person or team, for any bugs found during the hackathon