Summit Speakers

IOHK Speakers

IOHK is home to world-renowned experts in cybersecurity, cryptography,
functional programming, formal methods, and more.

Charles Hoskinson

CEO and co-founder


Aggelos Kiayias

Chief scientist


Philip Wadler

Senior research fellow


Duncan Coutts

Chief technical architect, Cardano project at IOHK

Jeremy Wood

Chief strategy officer


Neil Davies

System performance scientist at IOHK

Darko Mijić

Daedalus development manager at IOHK

Lars Brünjes

Director of education


Bruno Woltzenlogel Paleo

Director of engineering


Philipp Kant

Director of formal methods


Manuel Chakravarty

Language architect


Scott Darby

Creative coder


John O’Connor

Director of African operations

Vassilis Zikas

Research fellow at IOHK

David Esser

Cardano senior product manager at IOHK

Simon Thompson

Senior research fellow at IOHK

Bingsheng Zhang

Research fellow at IOHK

Peter Gaži

Research fellow at IOHK

Dionysis Zindros

Researcher at IOHK

Mario Larangeira

Research fellow at IOHK

Markulf Kohlweiss

Research fellow at IOHK

Emilios Avgouleas

Senior research fellow at IOHK

Matthias Fitzi

Research fellow at IOHK

Samuel Leathers

DevOps engineer at IOHK

Michael Peyton Jones

Functional compilers engineer at IOHK

Jann Müller

Functional compilers engineer at IOHK

Carlos Vargas-Montero

Associate product manager


Matthias Güdemann

Formal methods software engineer at IOHK

Jared Corduan

Formal methods engineer at IOHK

Charles Morgan

Director of cybersecurity at IOHK

Guest Speakers

As part of the 2019 Summit, IOHK will also be hosting some of the best
and brightest from the industry, speaking on a range of topics.

Tsogtbaatar Damdin

Minister of foreign affairs for Mongolia

Stephen Wolfram

Founder and CEO of Wolfram Research

Andrey Kurennykh

Co-founder and CTO at Tangem

Rudy Rucker

Author, mathematician, and computer scientist

Bilegsaikhan Janchivdorj

Deputy director of the industrial development and innovation agency of Ulaanbaatar

Ulziibat Molomjamts

Acting Chief of Secretariat of Financial Regulatory Commission of Mongolia

Bruce Fenton

CEO and founder of Atlantic Financial Blockchain Labs

Gabriel Abed

CEO and founder of Bitt and DACM

Willi Brammertz

CEO and co-founder of Ariadne, chairman of Actus Users Association

Gerelmaa Batchuluun

President and CEO of Steppe Group

Bill Ottman

CEO and co-founder of Minds

Steven Sprague

CEO of Rivetz Corp.

Francis X. Suarez

Mayor of Miami

Han Sangwoo Shawn

CEO of Truss Chain Korea

Christopher Swenor

Co-founder and CEO of Alacris OS

Ariel Garten

Founder of InteraXon

Micky Watkins

Co-founder and CEO of World Mobile Chain

Nathan Kaiser

Chairperson at Cardano Foundation

Jonathan Katz

Professor of computer science at University of Maryland

Pramod Viswanath

Professor of computer engineering at University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

John Collins

Founding partner of FS Vector

Caitlin Long

Co-founder of the Wyoming Blockchain Coalition

Tyler Lindholm

Chief of ranching operations and co-founder of BeefChain

Anu Bhardwaj

Founder of Women Investing in Women Digital

François-René Rideau

Chief architect at Alacris

Nicolás Arqueros

Chief technical officer at Emurgo

Markus Gufler

Cardano ambassador and co-founder of Clio.1

Sebastien Guillemot

R&D engineering lead at Emurgo

Mark Lundin

Creative partner

at Kuva

Björn Tackmann

Research scientist at IBM

Rouska Lundin

Production director at Kuva

Helen Broadbridge

Producer at Kuva

Robert Kornacki

Cardano ambassador and dLab/Emurgo fellow