Symphony Exhibition

Explore a real blockchain in an immersive, mixed-reality experience unlike anything else in the industry.

Symphony of Blockchains

More than a year in the making, the award-winning Symphony of Blockchains project launches the next phase of its development in Miami.

The two-room exhibition will use virtual and augmented reality to deconstruct a blockchain and show exactly how it looks and sounds – using real data from bitcoin’s blockchain. In a complete audio-visual, mixed reality experience, viewers will be able to see and interact with individual blocks in their own personal exploration of the blockchain’s history. Visitors will be able to enter and move around bitcoin’s mempool, as well as see the structure of the Merkle trees.

See our world

with your own eyes

This unique artistic and educational project is a collaboration between IOHK and Kuva, a boutique creative agency based in Bristol, UK. IOHK has a strong commitment to education, ensuring that blockchain technology and the cryptocurrency industry are transparent, accessible, and ultimately beneficial to everyone.


Scott Darby

Creative coder


Mark Lundin

Creative partner

at Kuva

Rouska Lundin

Production director at Kuva

Helen Broadbridge

Producer at Kuva