Summit 2019

17-18 April 2019 Miami

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IOHK is pleased to announce that the IOHK Summit will be taking place on April 17 and 18 of this year in Miami, USA.

As an industry leader in innovative blockchain technology, IOHK will be hosting speakers, partners, and cryptocurrency experts from around the world at this two-day public event.

The IOHK summit is an opportunity for blockchain enthusiasts and businesses from around the world to meet, collaborate, and learn more about the challenges facing the blockchain industry.

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What’s worth talking about?

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Blockchain, crypto, and legislation

World-renowned experts will reveal how legislation is going to pave the way for a new era of fintech, and the importance of crypto-friendly policy in enabling blockchain and cryptocurrencies to reach their full potential. Speakers at the bleeding edge of blockchain policy will be discussing the real-world implications of legislative change.

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Blockchain and finance

The future of money is changing and the legacy financial industry is still grappling with the new frontier of cryptocurrency. Smart contract specialists at the IOHK summit will explain how the standardization of smart contracts is going to bridge the gap between the old and new worlds of finance, affecting millions of people globally.

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The future of social networks

As social media companies become ever more influential, speakers at the IOHK summit will discuss how a future underpinned by decentralized networks could change the balance of power. By providing new, alternative ways of communicating and making decisions, these next-generation social networks are going to disrupt the status quo of data giants.

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Blockchain in the developing world

Part of IOHK’s mission is to empower developing nations with blockchain technology, and industry pioneers will be sharing their successes at the summit - as well as their visions for the future, and how the cutting edge of technology can benefit communities all over the world.

Wednesday 17 April 2019

22:50 - Introduction - Anu Bhardwaj
25:30 - Keynote: state of the nation - Charles Hoskinson
1:11:35 - Digital securities - Bruce Fenton
2:27:40 - IOHK research - Aggelos Kiayias
2:55:55 - IOHK research and development - Duncan Coutts, Philipp Kant, Bruno Woltzenlogel Paleo
3:30:06 - Daedalus - Darko Mijić
4:43:51 - Future of blockchain research - Pramod Viswanath, Jonathan Katz, Björn Tackmann, Aggelos Kiayias
5:38:00 - Blockchain and frontier markets - Gerelmaa Batchuluun
5:53:20 - Panel session - Bilegsaikhan Janchivdorj, Han Sangwoo Shawn, Tsogtbaatar Damdin
6:14:22 - The public policy future of crypto - John Collins
6:34:50 - Blockchain for impact: democratizing investing - Anu Bhardwaj
7:22:45 - Cardano - David Esser
7:45:44 - IOHK Africa and education - Lars Brünjes, John O’Connor
8:17:34 - Atala (previously Cardano Enterprise) - Bruno Woltzenlogel Paleo, Carlos Vargas-Montero

Thursday 18 April 2019

6:08 - Introduction - Anu Bhardwaj
7:22 - PlutusFest update - Philip Wadler, Manuel Chakravarty, Simon Thompson, Willi Brammertz
2:35:10 - Cyberpunk use cases - Rudy Rucker
2:55:21 - A world run with code - Stephen Wolfram
3:37:40 - How to floss and (de)centralize the web - Bill Ottman
3:57:43 - Symphony of Blockchains - Scott Darby
4:50:30 - What Wyoming means for us - Caitlin Long
5:14:00 - Digital dollars, central banking, and stable coins - Gabriel Abed, Charles Hoskinson
5:35:15 - Beef on the blockchain - Tyler Lindholm
5:58:20 - Panel discussion moderated by Anu Bhardwaj - Emilios Avgouleas, Duncan Coutts, Charles Hoskinson, Aggelos Kiayias
7:00:20 - Language abstraction for verifiable blockchain distributed applications - François-René Rideau
7:31:45 - Emurgo roadmap & Yoroi, Seiza, dLab and beyond- Nicolás Arqueros, Sebastien Guillemot
7:51:52 - Cardano Foundation roadmap - Nathan Kaiser
8:22:55 - Closing remarks - Charles Hoskinson, Jeremy Wood

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What to expect

We’ve got lots planned for the summit in April, here are a few things to look forward to:

Collaborative hackathon hosted by IOHK's talented engineers

Workshops and talks from all areas of IOHK development

Updates on Cardano development and the vision for Cardano 2020

An immersive, virtual reality exhibition exploring the blockchain

A cryptographic puzzle to solve (with prize!) live at the summit

Live interviews from the members of The Cardano Effect podcast

Special announcements from IOHK CEO Charles Hoskinson

Private concert for sponsors and platinum ticket holders

Join us this spring

IOHK is doing something great

Founded in 2015 by Charles Hoskinson and Jeremy Wood, IOHK is a technology company committed to using peer-to-peer innovations to provide financial services to the three billion people who don’t have them — and we’re doing it from scratch. IOHK funds and facilitates an unprecedented collaboration between academia and business, creating blockchain technology derived from groundbreaking, peer-reviewed research, and unlike anything else in the industry.